Taking an L 

Wow. It has been a rough week.

(sidenote before we get started, I know, I KNOW, that this is not a happy fun blog, but if I’m going to be honest about life when I look back at this time then I need to be honest, this isn’t the happiest of times.)

SO when I talk about my job I describe it as any usual boring day job. I work in a cubicle and essentially I push paper. Imagine every single cartoon of a bunch of people stamping paper and moving it over and over again and that is me.


Or not, at least I’m making money am I right?

Anyways I had a chance to change up what I do on the daily and make a little more money but I opened my mouth to the wrong people and since we NEVER LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL, it ended up falling through.

It was a really hard slap in the face of a lesson. I got my hopes super high that there would be a change in my day to day life and painted a picture in my head just to have it torn down by someone I trusted. 

Man it made me feel naive and embarrassed.

When I talked to people in my life about what happened they got angry on my behalf and didn’t understand why I let this person do this to me without me bitching them out or telling them off.  Which I get, I was angry too. I stewed in my cubicle with a burning hot rock in my stomach wondering over and over again why this person would do this to me…but I knew that there was no point in projecting that anger outwards. 

Listen, sometimes people are just shitty and yelling at them or being passive aggressive or petty isn’t going to make them any less shitty. I took an L and it sucked and it hurt but damn if I didn’t learn my lesson. 

Trust no bitch my friends, and if you do and end up getting hurt, just burn that bridge and smile and walk away.

Shittt people aren’t worth your energy. 


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