4. Reasons to stay aliveĀ 

I just got done reading Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig and man did he really hit the nail on the head in regards to describing anxiety and depression. The book made me examine my own depression more and even though my days of wishing for death are behind me, I wanted to write a list of my reasons to Stay Alive.

  1. Mom. 
  2. All my siblings.
  3. My grandparents.
  4. Family game nights.
  5. Getting drunk at family game nights.
  6. Xbox party chats.
  7. Halo games with my best friends.
  8. Traveling.
  9. Food.
  10. Holding someone’s hand.
  11. The books I haven’t read yet
  12. The music I haven’t listened to
  13. The movies I haven’t seen
  14. The shows I haven’t seen
  15. Musicals.
  16. Sitting outside and feeling the breeze.
  17. Dancing.
  18. Singing.
  19. The joy of new outfits 
  20. The sound of new shoes on hard floors
  21. Lipstick 
  22. Coffee
  23. Latte art at hipster coffee shops 
  24. Boy bands 
  25. Screaming and dancing at concerts
  26. Stupid viral videos that make you laugh
  27. Baths 
  28. Hugs
  29. Freshly manicured nails 
  30. Feeling of sunshine 
  31. The beach and the water 
  32. Living on my own one day
  33. Striving on my own 
  34. Ice cream 
  35. Comic books
  36. Flirting 
  37. Laughing 
  38. Drinking just enough to be happy drunk
  39. The recap the next morning after drinking
  40. Weddings
  41. The smell when you leave your window open 
  42. Clean clothes after a shower 
  43. Podcasts.
  44. YouTube.
  45. The internet in general 
  46. To reach age 25
  47. To reach age 30
  48. To reach age 50
  49. To reach age 70
  50. Because staying alive is the bravest thing you will ever do and you’ll be damned if anyone calls you a coward.